No more false positives.

2x as fast, and 2x as accurate as Google.

If you’re sick of Android Geo-Fencing’s false positives/negatives, high latency, and other bad behavior you’re in luck - we fixed it! Grab the PathSense GeoFence SDK!

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Android Geo-Fencing is broken, we fixed it...

We’ve heard from countless App developers about the failures you’re experiencing with Google Play Services Geo-Fencing. We’re pleased to announce that there is a solution – the free PathSense SDK makes a dramatic improvement in every metric – no more false positives and 2x as fast and accurate!

Can you show me some data?

We have extensively measured and compared Google Play Services solution and our PathSense SDK - the results below outlines the difference.

Function PathSense Android Play Services
False Egress at Rest 0 per 24 hours 1 per 24 hours
False Egress in Motion 0 per 30 trials 1 per 30 trials
Ingress Detection Time 21 seconds 46 seconds
Egress Detection Time 29 seconds 44 seconds
Battery Usage .77% per hour .67% per hour
Geo-Fence Radius 50m 100m

This looks awesome, what else do I need to know?

What versions of Android does your SDK support?
Android 9 (Gingerbread) and above.
What regions does this work in?
Any region.
How much does this cost?
It’s free to use.
What limitations does the SDK have?
It needs Wifi. Without Wifi we decay to GPS.
What’s the size of the SDK?
How many geo-fences does the SDK support?
What permissions do I need to give you?
What’s the minimum fence size that you support?
What magic does this use?
Sensor fusion, proprietary activity recognition, testing. Lots of caffeine and developer hours.
Who are you guys?
We’re a startup backed by Data Collective, Keshif Ventures, and Vertical Ventures. We are working to provide developers with everything they need to build amazing location enabled apps by improving the iOS and Android location stacks.
Where can I download the PathSense GeoFence SDK for Android?
You can download it right now by clicking here.
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