TruePath for iOS

Your app's location will FAIL in big cities with tall buildings because they can't get a clear GPS signal - we fixed that!

TL;DR – If your users try to use your app in the urban canyon - aka in big cities with tall buildings - they’re going off the road! We’ve fixed that - download the SDK here.

We fixed the urban canyon issues in iOS!

Whenever your app enters an urban canyon (areas with poor or interrupted GPS signals like in downtown areas with tall buildings) your app’s navigation capabilities will FAIL - even in iOS Best for Navigation Mode.

Our iOS TruePath solution fixes this problem using our proprietary sensor fusion technology - sign up for the PathSense iOS TruePath SDK here right now.

Who are you guys?

We’re PathSense, and we’re building a better location stack for iOS and Android. On the way to our broad release we selected a handful of critical issues to fix FIRST - like improving Android Geofencing, making Android Activity fast, and now releasing a solution for the iOS urban canyon.

Frequently Asked Questions

iOS 8 or later.
TruePath works world wide.
How much does this cost?
What magic does this use?
Sensor fusion, proprietary activity recognition, map matching and rigorous testing. We process the sensor data from the sensors! Gallons of caffeine and countless development hours.
Who are you guys?
We’re a startup backed by Data Collective, Keshif Ventures, and Vertical Ventures. We are working to provide developers with everything they need to build amazing location enabled apps by improving the iOS and Android location stacks.
Where can I download the SDK for iOS?
You can download it right now by clicking here.
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  • Keshif VenturesTaner Halicioglu Keshif Ventures
  • Data CollectiveMatt Ocko Data Collective
  • Vertical VenturesDave Schwab Vertical Ventures

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