SmartHome SDK

An Android SDK that fixes critical issues with SmartHome location automation.

"The SmartHome SDK turns your vision into reality. At 5pm your phone detects you left work and are driving towards home so it sends your spouse an alert. When you pull into your driveway, your garage door opens in just enough time for you to pull in. When your daughter arrives home from a friend’s house on foot, the front door unlocks in front of her, and locks behind. After dinner your SmartHome App recognizes the whole family is home for the night, and sets the alarm. The PathSense SmartHome SDK makes this vision a reality for your app."

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Our current release:

  • 2x Faster / 2x More Accurate Geofencing - High fidelity, high speed geofencing so your home knows when you're actually home! Also eliminates false egresses that plague Android phones.
  • 4x Faster / More Accurate Activity - High speed activity recognition so your home knows to open your garage door vs. your front door when you arrive home. Extremely power efficient.
  • Smart Dwelling Recognition – Automate SmartHome interactions by recognizing new, important places in your users’ lives and building rules to drive SmartHome device use.

Future release:

  • Flocking Recognition – Automatically detect networks of individuals that live / work in the same space to create rules like setting alarms or create alerting around individual ingress/egress.
  • Room-by-Room Location – We’re combining machine learning and sensor fusion to create Indoor Location that matches our outdoor capabilities.


  • Tunable – We’ve made our SDK extremely flexible – developers can tune on a standard ROC-Curve around location fidelity vs. power usage to match their desired functionality.
  • Testing framework – Location problems are notoriously hard to expose, our framework makes it simple for developers to identify issues and test.
  • Power efficient – Our multi-sensor approach lets us create lower power solutions than Google Play Services.
  • No reliance on Google Play Services – All of our innovations work from the sensor level and can work completely independently of Google Play Services.

The App at the center of your SmartHome experience must understand your users’ location, their activity, their interactions with other family members, and their next intention. The PathSense SmartHome SDK makes your vision possible.

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