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Team PathSense has more than 100 man years of experience in mobile location technology, geospatial, sensor fusion, and machine learning. The team has been building mobile location technology since 2003, long before the iPhone and Android existed.

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DemoGod and QuickPitch

DEMO Fall 2014 Winner

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“Quick Pitch” Grand Prize Winner

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Startup promises GPS accuracy for iOS, Android with 90 percent less battery suck

Location awareness is one of the most useful and popular features for mobile apps, but relying on GPS for accuracy can take a huge toll on battery life.

How PathSense cuts battery drain from location services by up to 90%

PathSense recently released its SDK and API to provide location services with 90% less battery drain than GPS. Here's how it is changing mobile location technology.

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PathSense: Precise Location data for your mobile app with 90% less Battery Drain