iOS Ambient Location

Your always-on location app drains too much battery. We fixed that.

  • Accurately track visits and paths
  • More accurate visits than iOS CLVisit
  • Captures even short visits such as Starbucks or gas station
  • Near zero battery consumption
  • Get the demo app to test on your phone

PRIVACY: Data never leaves the phone!

- (void) locationLaunch:(UIApplication *)application
    [_locationManager setMinAllowedSecondsBeforeAmbientLocationWillSleep:[SettingsViewController allowedWakeTime]];
    [_locationManager setIncreaseAmbientLocationFrequencyWhenPossible:[SettingsViewController useIncreaseFrequencyWhenPossible]];
    [_locationManager setDesiredAmbientLocationFrequencyInterval:10];
    [_locationManager startMonitoringAmbientLocationChanges];

- (void)locationManager:(PSLocationManager *)manager didChangeAuthorizationStatus:(CLAuthorizationStatus)status
    if (status == kCLAuthorizationStatusNotDetermined) {
    } else if (status == kCLAuthorizationStatusRestricted || status == kCLAuthorizationStatusDenied) {
    } else if (status == kCLAuthorizationStatusAuthorizedAlways) {
        [manager startMonitoringAmbientLocationChanges];
    } else if (status == kCLAuthorizationStatusAuthorizedWhenInUse) {


iOS Ambient Location

Ambient Location provides the following features:

  • Captures both visits and paths between visits
  • Almost no battery drain
  • More accurate visits than iOS CLVisit
  • Captures even short visits such as Starbucks or the gas station
  • Privacy: Your user's data never leaves the phone

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Pathsense SDK (Framework) supports iOS versions up to 14

Use of the SDK is free for testing and evaluation under the Evaluation License on our Developer Portal. We, at our discretion, may allow students and startups to use the SDK for free in deployed apps for extended periods of time. Pricing for commercial deployments is based on a variety of factors. We offer both usage based and source code licenses. Please see our pricing section for more information.

This varies between individual modules in the SDK. Some modules require only precise location permission, others require motion and fitness. There is a complete list in the documentation.

Again this varies by individual module. Some modules such as Activity Recognition and Distracted Driving Detection use IMU sensor data and complex machine learning models created by our PhD scientists. Other modules make use of our proprietary location processing algorithms.

Team PathSense has more than 100 man years of experience in mobile location technology, geospatial, sensor fusion, and machine learning. The team has been building mobile location technology since 2003, long before the iPhone and Android existed.

PathSense has various SDKs and modules, not just one SDK. To get a complete list, sign up to access our Develoer Portal now.


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  • 1 active application
  • 1,000 monthly users
  • Non-commercial deployments
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Test Ambient Location on your phone without writing any code. Ambient Location collects both visits and paths. Scroll through your location timeline using the sliders. The visit to Lost Abbey (orange and purple pins for arrival / departure) shows the accuracy of PathSense compared to iOS CLVisit (red and green pins).